Aug 4, 2014

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The Family Dentist in Kona Will Treat Your Cavities

When you have cavities in your teeth, you can end up experiencing major problems with your oral health. As the decay spreads among your teeth, they begin to break down. Decay in your teeth will eventually cause tooth loss. This is why it is imperative you take proper care of your teeth, so you can avoid cavities. Taking care of your teeth involves brushing and flossing as often as you should. You should plan on brushing first thing in the morning and right before bed. You should also floss at bedtime. To be truly proactive in protecting your teeth, it can help to brush after every meal. You also need to be sure you see the Family Dentist in Kona every six months. Through the dentist from, your teeth can be cleaned, X-rayed and examined, so your smile stays healthy.

Cavities can cause several different symptoms and can cause severe pain.

* Pain in your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue
* Increased sensitivity when eating hot, cold or sweet foods
* Pain and discomfort when you bite down
* Pitting or white marks on your teeth

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to see the Family Dentist in Kona right away. The dentist will first examine you and take some X-rays. This will show how deep the cavity is in your tooth, so the dentist will know how much tooth tissue needs to be removed. The dentist will remove as much of the decayed tissue as possible. Removing the decayed areas helps to stop the progression of decay and protects your tooth.

When the dentist removes these areas of your tooth, it leaves behind openings that will need to be filled. Fillings may be crafted from resin, porcelain and metal alloys. The filling material will be placed down into the openings of your tooth and then smoothed out. This seals your tooth, to prevent nerve exposure.

If you have a cavity, contact The office of Carter S Yokoyama DDS, to schedule an appointment right away. Through the dentist, your cavity can be cared for, so your oral health is no longer in danger.

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