The Exquisiteness Of The Swarovski Crystal Bead

Whether you want beads to make jewelry, to hang from chandeliers or for any other reason, you want to consider the Swarovski crystal bead. These crystals are different from any other because they have a lead oxide level of at least 32 percent. This means that the transparency of the crystals are very clear.

Craftsmen will then use the crystals to create prisms and add various colors. Once the prism is complete, it can be turned into wonderful jewelry, such as pendants and necklaces. No other crystals compare to this brand, which is why they are highly sought after throughout the world.


Swarovski crystals have many uses and have been around for thousands of years. Some believe that if you place crystals around the home or take them with you wherever you go, you’ll have healing properties and a more balanced life (Feng Shui). Many people still practice Feng Shui using these crystals.

However, the most popular reason for choosing a glass bead such as these are to make jewelry. Options can include unique rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and many others. However, they can also be used to make binoculars, watches, pens and telescopes.

A new use for these crystals includes adorning various articles of clothing and accessories, such as handbags, shoes, and dresses.

Healing Powers

People have always believed that crystals have the power to heal. Whether you’ve got joint disease, arthritis or other illnesses, wearing these beads as jewelry could bring some relief that can’t be explained. Some people also believe that they can relieve symptoms of poison ivy, sumac, and oak, as well as emotional problems, like depression.


Beads can come in all shapes and colors. Round beads can be perfectly round or slightly off-skew to make them even more unique and unusual. You’ll also find Roundelles, which are sort of like ovals with sharp edges. Ovals, Briolettes, and Bicone options are also available.

Then, you’ve got the more exquisite cuts, such as cubes, butterflies, drops, and fish.

Along with everything else, you can have almost any color imaginable, from yellow to red and from turquoise to brown. Sometimes, you will find crystals of various colors, which is because of the prismatic features of the crystals. For example, the golden tone may also come with hints of blue or violet, which work to create a multifaceted piece that is incredibly beautiful.

The Swarovski crystal bead is still in high demand because of its beauty and allure. Visit AB Crystal today to learn more about them.

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