Sep 3, 2015

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The Essential Features Of The Best Electronic Cigarettes

The Essential Features Of The Best Electronic Cigarettes

What are the cardinal features of the best electronic cigarette? This is the question that is being asked frequently by a host of smokers who have ended up making the wrong purchases. Well, the debate ends now. With the following guidelines, there will be no doubts and problems in distinguishing the right from the wrong.

Even though most electronic cigarettes essentially work in the same way, there are certain differences that make smoking a pleasurable experience. The basic mechanism of action of an e-cigarette works around a simple model: a cartomizer (a.k.a atomizer) vaporizes the nicotine content of the gadget. This is later inhaled by the user. Some special features added to this basic model are what bring gratification to the smoker. Read on to find out the seven crucial factors that differentiate the perfect electronic cigarette from the rest.

Seven Rules Of Getting The Perfect Smoke!

The following features are the primary features of the best electronic cigarettes:

1. The Look – Most manufacturers emphasize upon the design and feel of the electronic cigarette. They make it look closer to its original counterpart to keep the original feeling intact. This is why they keep the cartridge in the same sandy brown color that is the characteristic trademark of the retro filter. The battery is elongated to replicate the main body of the tobacco cigarette. Even the end glows when the smoker inhales a pleasurable puff. This recreates the ‘real’ smoking experience smokers have with tobacco cigarettes. However, with changing times, a lot of variety has been introduced and users now have the liberty to choose from different styles and colors according to their taste and preferences.

2. The LED – As already mentioned, many designs feature the characteristic red LED to replicate the appeal of the lit tobacco cigarette. However, newer designs feature different colored LEDs such as blue and green. These instigate a sense of curiosity in the onlooker whenever the smoker takes a drag. This is why these LEDs are a hit amongst users who use e-cigarettes.

3. The Vapor Volume – The amount of vapor in a single puff is a great determinant of the quality of the cigarette. Therefore, a good e-cigarette should allow for a puff with a greater magnitude of nicotine in it.

4. The Atomizer – The most common thing that goes wrong with an atomizer is endless clogging. This is why the best e-cigarettes have an atomizer that is clog free  and renders endless experiences of pleasure.

5. The Power Back Up – It is important that the battery of the electronic cigarette lasts throughout the day. This is all the more essential for users who indulge in smoking frequently during the course of the day.

6. The Range of Flavors – If a company provides a wide range of flavors to its customers, the appeal of their electronic cigarette is automatically increased. This factor is pivotal in making sure that the customers stay loyal to a brand.

7. The Intensity of Nicotine – There are various intensities available in the cartridges of electronic cigarettes. These are low, medium, high and zero nicotine. To get a thoroughly fulfilling experience, it is necessary that the cigarette should satiate the senses of the user with every single puff.

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