Jun 18, 2015

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The Enduring Style Of Marmol Radziner Furniture

For people who love the look of clean, perfect lines and natural quality woods, leathers and metals, the collection of Marmol Radziner furniture is a perfect option. These designers, with a strong background in architecture, have an amazing eye for detail in all their designs, resulting in a look that is distinctive while also being very functional and classic.

The Marmol Radziner furniture collection includes a wide range of different style options. It includes seating, tables, bedroom, outdoor furniture as well as lighting. Each of the styles is very aesthetically appealing to anyone, making these items a perfect match in any home or living and working space. With different collection and options, there is a furniture piece perfect for your home.

The Name

As with many designers, Marmol Radziner furniture is named after the two founders of the company. Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner first started collaborating in 1989 to develop a comprehensive design and build company which really does do it all.

Within the company, which includes several senior associates and associates as well as a staff of architects, general contractors, metal fabricators and furniture makers, they also complete commercial and residential design and construction, restoration services, interior and landscape design, as well as design furniture and jewelry.

Furniture Offerings

Marmol Radziner furniture is very versatile and clean in the design lines and styles, allowing it to be easily added to both interior and exterior living areas. Featuring beautifully selected woods paired with natural colored fabrics and leathers, there is an earthy yet classic look to the design that is immediately recognizable.

Chairs and bedroom pieces also highlight the architectural perspective of the styles of these designers, and you will see elements of classic design completed in a contemporary way.

Solid bases are paired with open designs, canvas slings to give that look of timeless, earthy attitude that will highlight any area. Options range from natural wood looks to stains, and from silk to leather to compliment the wood and create a distinctive Marmol Radziner furniture profile.

Seeing the options in Marmol Radziner furniture is the only true way to appreciate the lines and design elements of each piece. Find a gallery offering this furniture near you or browse online and spend some time appreciating just how functional yet pleasing these designs are for every room inside and outside of your home.

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