Nov 2, 2016

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The end of the world? – Is the Bible predicting doom?

The end of the world? – Is the Bible predicting doom?

When people seek to understand the truth about the Bible, they often wonder when Jesus will come again and the world will end. They expect biblical prophecies fulfilled to the letter with no room for any other option. However in examining the facts of the Bible, we can see that the truth is much different than what we have believed all of these years. If we can step back and reassess the facts, we may be able to realize the truth of what biblical prophecies fulfilled is really about.

The end of an era not the end of the world

The truth is that the Bible never meant to predict the end of the world. Instead Jesus talks about an end to the Covenant Age which is much different than a physical end to the actual world as we know it. If individuals took a closer look, they would see the truth of this interpretation instead of wondering whether biblical prophecies fulfilled means that their world will end. In fact, in AD 70, the world did in actuality see an end to animal sacrifice and temple worship. This was a monumental shift for those times and is what Jesus had been referring to for many years.

Vengeance was had already

When Roman armies were used to destroy Old covenant Judaism and old world Jerusalem, vengeance was already carried out. There is no need for present day Christians to take this text out of context and randomly apply it to their own lives. With a more thorough and in depth understanding of Biblical prophecies fulfilled, Christians will be able to cast their fears of end of days aside and live life to the fullest.

The fact remains that many of the Biblical prophecies have in fact already been fulfilled and are just recorded for historical purposes. With a new perspective, people can feel more confident knowing that there is no doom and gloom that lies ahead in their futures.

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