Nov 28, 2014

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The Elegance of Seafire Grill’s Private Dining Rooms

The Sea fire Grill is a PERFECT venue for celebrities and business executives (anyone for that matter) seeking respite from noise, clutter, and crowds of people. Its private dining rooms provide a quiet escape from the streets of Manhattan. Some establishments have walls resilient and acoustically “live” with the sound of chatter bouncing off. When crowded, it’s virtually impossible to have a pleasant conversation. In contrast are the elegant fine-dining establishments where ornately designed wooden entry doors seal out honking horns, plush carpeting absorbs the sound of casual conversation, and low lighting creates an ambiance completely soothing. Hors d’oeuvres, refreshing appetizers, and the sound of water glasses being constantly refreshed from ice-cold pitchers “let the steam off” business executives lightheaded from a hard day of work. How much easier it is to order from the menu in such a pleasant atmosphere.

Yet taking things to another level, instead of a plush front dining room, one can reserve a completely silent and exclusive one—where their private party can have a gathering all to itself, noise from the front room dampened, wait-staff at beck and call. This is one of the Sea fire Grill’s most noteworthy attributes. Celebrities dine in private without intrusive fans talking about them from across the room or approaching to infringe upon their much-needed relaxation time. Business executives enjoy the privacy of Sea fire Grill’s exclusive dining rooms where discreet trade secrets could be discussed openly over dinner or lunch (arrangements made for personally assigned wait staff to serve appetizers, then remain scarce for a period).

The Sea fire Grill boasts three private rooms: The Board Room which exudes sophistication with crystal lighting, walnut details, gorgeous contemporary artwork, and a long boardroom-like dining table; the Mid Dining Room, a functional open, spacious area with beautiful aqua skylights and banquet style seating; and the Main Dining Room with mirrored features, wood floors, elegant chandeliers, flowing sheer curtains, and a roaring marble fireplace.

Pictures of the rooms, as well as contact and reservation information, are available at

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