The Easy, Fast Way We Buy Houses in Irving: Cash House Sales 101

We buy houses in Irving,” is the main advertising hook for private house cash sales. What is a private house cash sale and why is everyone talking about it? Here’s how easy and lucrative cash house sales can be.

Cash House Sales 101

A cash house sale is a private sale of a house in which a seller pays a buyer directly for a house. The process requires no real estate agent and saves the buyer thousands of dollars that might be spent on repairs, staging, and closing costs. Private sales always entail a licensed title company to safeguard each party’s interests.

The Cash House Sale Process

Cash house sales are so popular because they’re fast and easy. The process consists of four major steps. The seller contacts the buyer with details of their house for sale. The buyer confirms that the house’s criteria meet their needs/wants. The buyer makes a fair cash offer. The seller chooses his/her closing date and walks away with fast, hard cash. It’s that simple.

Cash House Sales Time Frame

If a house meets the buyer’s criteria, the seller can expect to receive a fair cash offer at once or within 24 hours. Closing can happen in as little as seven days. However, the seller can also choose a closing date that’s most convenient for them, allowing time to pack up, host a last-minute garage sale or arrange for pickup and disposal of large, bulky items.

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