Feb 16, 2015

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Visiting Foot Doctors In Oakbrook IL

Whether this is your first time to a podiatrist or you have gone many times, it can still be helpful to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing before visiting foot doctors in Oakbrook IL. Many of the things you should do, you’ll most likely think to do anyway, but it can be helpful to have a list. Maybe more important is the list of don’ts that you shouldn’t do, which can be anything from shaving legs to others.


Whether you are a new patient or not, it may be helpful to check with your insurance carrier to ensure they will accept the podiatrist or not. Many times, insurance companies consider podiatry to be a specialized service and must come with a referral. This means that your general doctor must advise you to go to a podiatrist before the insurance company will accept them on your insurance. However, sometimes referrals are not needed, so you may want to consult them first.

You’ll also want to have a list of symptoms or problems and write down when they started, what you were doing and what, if anything will reduce the pain. This step is very important because even very slight symptoms may cause major problems if left untreated. Therefore, pay close attention to your body prior to your visit so you can tell the podiatrist everything possible.

Foot doctors in Oakbrook IL are likely to recommend specific treatment plans which could include over-the-counter medications or creams. Make sure to bring a pen and a piece of paper so you can take notes on everything recommended by the podiatrist.


One of the worst things you could consider is to get a pedicure before your visit. It is customary for women to want to look their best for every appointment, which you may think should include shaving your legs and making your feet and toes look pretty. While you may shave if you desire, a pedicure will mask the problems of the toes, such as discolored toenails. It is better to not receive a pedicure, trim or paint the toenails prior to the visit so that any potential problems can be found quickly.

Asking questions can also be important so don’t forget. Write them down if you need to and make sure you understand the treatments and requests.

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