Nov 14, 2017

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The Dodge Gearbox: Shaft Mounted Gear Reducers

The Dodge Gearbox: Shaft Mounted Gear Reducers

If you are involved in producing or using mechanical equipment, you understand the purpose of a gearbox. Also known as a gear reducer, these devices increase or decrease torque. They accomplish this by reducing or increasing speed. In Texas, companies who rely on the effectiveness of these items turn to Baldor-Dodge – a manufacturer of quality gear reducers. Among the various types, they produce, is the shaft-mounted type. This Dodge gearbox has proven to be popular for certain industrial and commercial applications.

Shaft-Mounted Gearboxes

Shaft-mounted gearboxes sit directly on the input shaft of the equipment. The motor mount frame – or the shaft and torque arm organization, supports the gear reducer. This design eradicates any requirement for additional parts to transmit torque from the gearbox to the apparatus. To accomplish this effectively, the gearboxes must be easy to install and possess a strong casing.

The design is specifically for belt conveyor drives. Industries make their selection based on three factors:

1. Horsepower (HP) of the driving motor

2. Essential output speed

3. Required amount of speed reduction

4. Daily hours of operation

5. Application severity

Other factors may also go into gearbox selection including classification. This includes the degree of regular maintenance – e.g., checking the tightness of the gearbox on the shaft, lubrication levels, proper lubricants, surface temperature

The Shaft-Mounted Dodge Gearbox

Baldor-Dodge manufactures several shaft-mounted models of speed reducers. Among the current offerings in Texas are the following:

* Quantis MSM
* Torque Arm
* TXT Reducer
* SCXT Reducer
* HXT Reducer
* Torque Arm II, TA
* Motorized Torque Arm, MTA

All meet the specifications for specific industrial applications. They are easy to install, durable and low maintenance.

The Dodge Gearbox

In Texas, companies looking for an effective, efficient way to run conveyor belts know the necessity of choosing the right gear reducer. For devices that handle any application with greater competence, lower maintenance, and effective functioning temperatures, the choice is clear. Install a Dodge gearbox.

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