Jun 13, 2018

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The Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert – Energy Efficient Heating

The Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert – Energy Efficient Heating

So you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace. You love the beauty and warmth your fireplace, but you have some concerns about the quality of the air in your home as well as the lack of efficiency your current fireplace provides. Well, there is a solution. That solution is to install a direct vent gas fireplace insert.

Heat the Air Efficiently

By preventing the air inside your home from escaping and only permitting the heat from the fireplace unit two emanate into the room, a vented gas fireplace insert can be installed easily and greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Maintaining Clean Air

Instead of using indoor air for combustion, direct vent fireplaces take care in from the outside. Then they expel the air which consists of harmful gases, to the outside. This keeps the indoor air free from additional air pollution. The result is that you do not have to experience the smoke, soot and cleanup that accompanies the traditional wood-burning fireplace. You may not get the sound of snaps and pops of the wood with a modern direct vent gas fireplace insert, however, you won’t have any air pollution added to your room and you will have excellent heating efficiency with the unit.


Old style wood-burning fireplaces would take in air from the room and use it for combustion purposes. This type of arrangement provided an air quality and fire risk. Most of the heat was lost into the chimney itself or to the outside air. Direct vent gas fireplace inserts take air from the outside and return it to the outside. At the same time, the heat is efficiently distributed into the room, delivering a highly cost-efficient heating solution.

Easy Switch From a Wood-Burning Fireplace

If you like the idea of increasing the energy efficiency of your home as well as having a charming modern gas fireplace for you and your family to enjoy, you may have found your answer in the direct vent gas fireplace insert. Keep in mind, with these inserts you don’t need to replace your entire existing fireplace. The insert was invented so that the installation required is minimal and the benefits are excellent.

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