The Digital Graffiti Wall – Street Art Meets Technology

Technology is an important part of everyday life in society. It is part of the very fabric of work and play. Some people even suffer from separation anxiety if they are away from their gadgets too long. It is only natural, that some party devices blend technology and fun on a large scale. While video games and arcades are one way, the latest means of fusing the two together is a digital graffiti wall.

What is A Digital Graffiti Wall?

A digital virtual graffiti wall is a meeting of street art with modern technology. It is a means through which everyone can live a little bit dangerously without the risk. It is a high-tech method of writing graffiti but without the fear of cops and the dangers of inhaling toxic fumes. The average person can “tag” or become more elaborate with the wave of a digital spray can.

How Does It Work?

With a digital graffiti wall, the truth is in its name. It is all a computer illusion. There is no paint. The spray consists of light. Yet, the action of your hand pushing the cap down and the appearing image mimic the actual actions and results of spray paint on an outdoor surface. You are creating graffiti or street art but only digitally on a digital wall.

The actions and results resemble the real thing. The palettes may be altered in colors. The spray guns or cans feature a variety of features. These may be:

1. Animated stars
2. Swirls
3. Dripping paint effects
4. Backdrops may consist of certain types of images
5. Stencils of diverse types to suit themes or events

The results are astounding and can be sent by e-mail or other methods, therefore capturing the moment forever.


Installing a digital graffiti wall can serve one of several purposes. They can address the needs for corporate events and teen parties. Some of the uses may be:

1. To celebrate a teen or tween’s birthday, graduation or other related event

2. At a gallery opening of graffiti or street art to let guests express their own thoughts in a similar style

3. At a wedding so guests can leave a message for all to see about their thoughts on the married couple

4. At a corporate event so employees and guests can play with the idea of logos and other corporate symbols at trade shows to draw in younger crowds to look at your product

5. At workshops to help attendees to loosen up

Digital graffiti walls are a wonderful way of letting so many different types of people express themselves. It is a way for everyone to become involved in the creative process. It is also a very unique way of helping people come together in a party or event.


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