Dec 30, 2014

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The difficulty of getting disability benefits

Even the most skilled disability lawyers find it to be a virtual minefield trying to deal with the Social Security Administration. Getting their clients approved for benefits can be complicated and time consuming, what exactly are the benefits that a disability lawyer in Livonia fights for?

Disability benefits are just that, they are benefits that are available to a person who suffers from a physical or mental disability. The federal government provides benefits through Social Security but it is not only the government. Disability benefits are often made available through an employee’s labor union, by the employer as part of a benefits package and they can be purchased from private insurers. It matters little where the benefits come from, what is important that the disabled individual has the means to live decently, provide for themselves and their family and to ensure they receive all the care they need.

In the unfortunate event a child is born severely disabled the parents are given benefits, the benefits act as an incentive to keep the child in their home and provide care rather than the alternative which is institutionalizing them. As a child matures and comes of age many are mentally capable of taking care of their own finances, in this case the money the parents have been receiving passes to the disabled Yong adult. Those who suffer serious mental infirmities will rarely be in a position to look after their own financial affairs but this often happens when the person is physically disabled. The benefits that they receive are theirs to use for care, medicines or therapy and all the general costs associated with living including rent and food.

Becoming disabled later in life is very different from being born disabled; in these situations there are various benefits that are available. If the disability happened at work the individual can rely on worker’s compensation which is a benefit through employment. If, on the other hand the disability was caused by an illness of some sort or an accident there are government sponsored benefits available as well as benefits through private insurance companies.

A disability lawyer in Livonia more often than not works with clients who are applying for Social Security disability benefits. Those who have worked long enough to accrue enough work credits can apply for SSD, Social Security disability, for those who have yet to accrue sufficient work credits they have the option of applying for SSI, Social Security Income benefits.

The benefits can vary considerably, some claimants get reasonably high payments which are good enough to provide comfort while others struggle to make ends meet with their benefits.

Some disability benefits are automatically available through private plans while benefits from the Social Security Administration can often be difficult to get.

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