Jan 17, 2014

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The Different Types of Barcode Label Printing

If you are considering the many types of barcode label printing available here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of each:

Thermal Printers

There are two kinds of thermal printers: Direct and thermal transfer. Both use heat to apply color and images to heat sensitive paper.

Direct Thermal Printing

*  Pros: These printers are affordable to run as they do not require ribbons and they are also a more affordable printer as well. They also provide an easy to read bar code for accuracy and convenience.

*  Cons: Although they do not require costly ribbons, the labels themselves tend to be more expensive. Not only is the paper used sensitive to light and heat it is also prone to the image fading.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Pros: Can be used on any number of stocks with excellent resolution. Also has a longer printer head lifespan compared to direct thermal printers. Labels and print work well in even harsh environments. Can be printed in batches or on demand as required.
*  Cons: The ribbons are extremely expensive and you may have to be certain you are using the right ribbon for each type of label you select.

Laser Printing

Laser printers are available in cut sheet which uses heat with pressure fusion and continuous form which uses heat and toner or light created heat and toner to apply color.

Pros: Laser printers are both quick and have high resolution making them good options for barcode label printing.
Cons: Although they are a good option they aren’t necessarily good for labels that will be used for a prolonged period of time as they tend to fade.

Ink Jet Printing

Ink jet printers can be used on cartons or labels. They use dots ten times larger than dot matrix printers.

*  Pros: The pros of ink jet printers are that they can be printed directly onto the box eliminating the need for barcode label printing. They are also ten time less per mark than label printing.
*  Cons: They are not very good or reliable quality wise and are not recommended for use on labels due to the lower density.

There are also dot matrix, flexographic and offset printing to be considered and can be applied by professional printing companies.


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