The Details of Masonry Waterproofing in Philadelphia, PA

Whether a homeowner or business owner is building a new home, new business facility or renovating an existing structure, one thing that may require some attention is masonry waterproofing in Philadelphia, PA. A place like Philadelphia gets a fair amount of rain, but snow and ice can also cause moisture issues, not to mention increased levels of humidity that can be part of the weather pattern, especially over the late spring and summer months. In these situations, any exposed masonry surfaces may require waterproofing.

Many Applications

There are many different applications for masonry waterproofing. One of the most basic is when a structure is being built, and that structure includes concrete block units. Concrete blocks or cinder blocks, as they are often referred to, are extremely beneficial. They are affordable when put together, they are extremely strong, and they can offer a sort of structural support a facility is looking for. However, concrete block is often quite porous, and this leaves it susceptible to moisture incursions.

Damage Done by Moisture

The basic type of damage that moisture can do is that it can deteriorate the structural stability of the concrete block thus reducing the structural integrity of the surface. It can also create issues with mold and mildew, and in more significant circumstances, actual flooding can take place because of porous concrete block walls.

Possible Solutions

Often the solution is to coat the concrete surface with a waterproofing sealant or a paint-like waterproofing polymer. These are quite beneficial, especially for smaller applications, such as the basement of the home. This may be a good way to stop nuisance moisture issues. However, waterproofing membranes are also used with masonry waterproofing in Philadelphia, PA. Most experts agree that multiple forms of waterproofing should be used, especially in commercial construction to ensure that a concrete block feature is as impervious to moisture as possible.

Whether it’s a standard concrete block wall, or an old world brick or stone feature on a business or a home, waterproofing these surfaces can be beneficial from a practical as well as an aesthetic standpoint. To learn more about these services or to schedule waterproofing services for your home or business, you may want to click here.

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