The Dental Implant Process: What You’d Like to Know

Even those individuals that are diligent about their dental hygiene can find themselves in a situation where they need dental implants. Thanks to advances in dental care, professionals in dental implants in Lincoln Square can give you back your smile. There are many reasons that one might need dental implants, including unexpected tooth loss due to an injury, tooth loss due to poor dental health, and tooth loss due to poor gum health. Whatever the reason for dental implants, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Process of Dental Implants

Dental implants are essentially screw-like rods that are meant to act as roots. These are put through the gums and attached to the jawbone to hold them in place. Once the implants are placed the gums are allowed to heal over them for a few months. In some cases, an extension or attachment is attached to the implant allowing the implant to be reached above the gum line. If this hasn’t been done the dentist will need to re-expose the implant for the remainder of the process. This is often done by make a small incision on the gums so that the implants can be accessed.

Being Fitted for New Teeth

Once the implant is exposed the dentist will often take a series of impressions of the mouth so that the new teeth can be created to be a perfect fit. This process allows the dental implants to be fitted just right for your mouth so they look natural. Through the several follow up visits you have with dental implants in Lincoln Square, your teeth will be fitted, placed and adjusted. The end result is teeth that provide you with a natural looking smile and the tools you need to eat a regular diet. Contact Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square online.

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