The Dangers of Bison when Driving in the Northwest Territories

If you have just received Your Drivers License in NWT in it is important that you be prepared to contend with the local wildlife. Bison can create a hazard at certain times of the year. They are most commonly seen on Highways 5 and 3 but can also be troublesome on Highway 7. Bison related accidents have actually decreased but can still cause issues if you are not paying attention when driving. As well there are often cases of bison related incidents that are not reported by drivers. This can mean the numbers could be far greater than those recorded. Here are a few tips to help you prevent a collision with a bison:

*   Before heading out see if there are any reports regarding bison movement in the area you must travel.

*   If you are travelling after dusk be certain to take extra caution and drive slowly as they can be hard to spot at night. Most collisions occur between 12am and 2am but can also occur between 4pm and 6pm.

*   Collisions are most common in January and November.

*   To be safe it is best to avoid Highways 3 and 5 and keep in mind that bison are often seen along the roadside on Highway 7.

*   If you are driving in areas that bison are more common avoid distractions such as eating and drinking or fiddling on your phone.

*   Never drive when tired to avoid getting drowsy and dozing off on the road.

*   If you encounter bison or other wildlife on the road let other drivers know by flashing your hazards.

*   When you are driving at a safe pace it will be easier to avoid animals that appear in the road. This will allow you to stop as opposed to having to swerve to avoid animals in your path. Many deaths occur when cars veer off the highway suddenly. Being able to stop safely is your best bet to avoid a collision or accident.

*   A danger of bison is that they travel in herds. This means you might notice one and then encounter an entire group. Make sure you have your headlights on so you can spot them more clearly and sooner than later.

*   Drive with your high beams to give you the best possible visibility.

*   Make sure everyone is wearing their seat belt and that kids are properly secured in their seats.

These tips will help keep you avoid a collision with a bison or other wildlife on your travels.

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