The Critical Reasons To Outsource Custom CNC Machining

Many OEMs in the United States now outsource most, if not all, of their machining services to machine shops offering custom CNC machining. Often smaller OEMs and startup companies make the determination that is more effective to complete CNC machining in-house.

However, by comparing the advantages of custom CNC machining from a specialized contract manufacturer, even small OEMs and startup companies can realize the benefits of turning this aspect of their production to someone working as a partner with their company. This all comes with a contract, which means the OEM can develop a budget for production, allowing for accurate planning for marketing and production requirements.

Specialized Engineering Services

Companies that offer custom CNC machining and also offer engineering support are an advantage to any sized OEM. This allows for 3D modeling and virtual testing of the design before any production, dramatically reducing costs, time, and potential challenges in prototyping and production.

Equipment and Machinists

Specialized machine shops that are contract manufacturers utilize the latest in technology and equipment to keep on top of their customers’ demands. A single OEM simply does not have the budget or the ability to bring in the latest in equipment and software as well as hire the experienced machinists and engineers required for quality, precision custom CNC machining operations.

Production Capacity

Any in-house production is limited to the space, budget, and manufacturing capacity of the OEM. By outsourcing, the OEM can choose the contract manufacturer that already has the capacity and capability to produce parts to the maximum expected order potential.

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