Aug 21, 2014

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The Criminal Attorney in Suffolk County is Experienced In the Criminal Law

If you have been accused of a crime, or have reason to believe you will be, then contact a criminal attorney who has the experience to represent you in the area of criminal law that you are or may be charged with violating. You shouldn’t waste any time retaining an attorney, because the sooner he gets involved the sooner he can get to the prosecutor. You shouldn’t say anything to a law enforcement person regardless of how innocent you believe the remark to be. Your attorney will let the prosecutor know that you have competent counsel and this could change the direction of the case. Browse website for more information.

It is possible that your attorney may find reasons in the prosecutors case to cause the prosecutor to not proceed. Some prosecutors will take a case to trial knowing they don’t have a solid case. If the defendant doesn’t have an attorney or an attorney not experienced in criminal law, he may be an easy conviction for the prosecutor. The scales of justice must always be balanced to ensure a fair trial. A good way for you to achieve this is to retain the Criminal Attorney in Suffolk County.

Criminal law can be difficult because the law that is in the law books may no longer be the law. A higher court may have ruled that a specific criminal law or part of it is unconstitutional or is in conflict with another statute the court considers to be preeminent. A criminal lawyer must know these rulings or he must be able to search the case laws to find any applicable law that has been overturned.

It is always possible that your lawyer have a working relationship which is not totally adversarial. This would enable your attorney to work out a plea deal if you are guilty or a dismissal of the charges if your attorney can establish a high probability you are not guilty.

The Criminal Attorney in Suffolk County will know all of the court procedures and all of the points regarding your cases that can be defended. Contact Hirsch and Hirsch LLP Suffolk County for information.

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