Apr 19, 2014

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The Connection between Self-Esteem and our Teeth

The very real demonstration of positive self-esteem is very simple. It’s a smile. Feeling good about ourselves is revealed through a clear and bright smile. So it’s no surprise that our self-esteem is closely connected to the way we perceive other people see our smile, our teeth, and our mouths. When you smile, people are more likely to be drawn to you. But we need to feel good about the smile we have. Luckily technological advancements mean we have a wide range of choices for giving us the bright and white smile we seek.

Cosmetic dentistry is less invasive than orthodontic treatments, and can easily solve some immediate issues many of us have with our teeth. Specifically as we age cosmetic dentistry is an attractive way to deal with the discoloration, chips and other mouth damage. Where there are small gaps in teeth, or small chips, the secret is bonding. Dentists clean and prepare the surfaces, and then bonded resin which is the same color as your teeth. Bonding can be used to alter the shape of teeth, or even cover up discoloration.

The more serious chipping or discoloration can be treated through veneers. Removing a small amount from the front surface of your teeth, veneers are applied to immediately improve the appearance and shape. This masks stains and can replace small fractured pieces of teeth. Veneers are built from impressions taken of your teeth, so they fit perfectly. The veneers are then bonded to your teeth, giving you the perfect smile. It’s now possible to straighten teeth without invasive techniques, even for adults. Gone is the embarrassing teenage plague of a mouthful of metal. Fitted aligners are nearly invisible, avoiding the need for the traditional braces. They are easily slipped off when you need to floss or brush.

It is quite amazing how important a good smile can be. By offering a smile to others we are volunteering them our confidence. Unsurprisingly, those who feel self-conscious about their teeth often report feeling less confident, withdrawing from social situations. It is a deeply personal issue. Ensure you’ve secured your confidence. If you feel that your smile needs improvement, find the best dentist in San Jose that you possibly can by researching local dentists online.

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