Jul 13, 2018

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The Clear Advantage Of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

For both do-it-yourself and professional applications, there are various options in epoxy flooring on the market. For large or small commercial floors, choosing a commercial epoxy floor coating has very definite advantages over the cheaper do-it-yourself products available online or at the big box hardware stores.

This type of epoxy floor coating is usually applied to a thickness of several mils, allowing for solid protection of the surface of the floor from spills, chemicals, and exposure to water. Different options in commercial epoxy flooring from solvent-based to 100% solids. The differences between these two products include drying time, the thickness of the final coating, the type of flooring suitable for the product as well as cost.

Both of these options in commercial epoxy floor coating do have advantages over other types of commercial flooring options.

Short Curing Time

With both solvent-based and 100% epoxy solids, drying time for commercial buildings is very low. The solvent-based commercial flooring can be applied and dry in less than 7 hours, and sometimes as little as 5 hours. The 100% epoxy solids products take a bit longer to dry but are typically fully cured and ready for use in 14 hours or less.

Surfacing Options

With both of these options in commercial epoxy floor coating, the final surface will be non-slip and slightly textured, providing a non-skid surface for equipment as well.

The flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Dry mopping or sweeping as needed and occasional washing, if necessary, is the basics of maintenance. Highly resistant to stains and spills, simply wiping up accidents as they happen is all that is necessary.

Choosing a commercial epoxy coating is an investment in the building. It also adds to the safety of the workspace while also providing a professional look to any type of building.

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