Jan 9, 2014

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The Characteristics That Diamond Buyers in Los Angeles Look For

In the world of jewelry diamonds are king. Diamond encrusted jewelry is some of the most sought after jewelry around. People spend millions of dollars every year on diamond necklaces, diamond rings, diamond bracelets, and so forth. However, all diamonds are not made equal, and this is something diamond buyers in Los Angeles are well aware of. Let’s take a look at the many ways you can determine whether you have or are buying a proper diamond.

All expert buyers are aware of the 4C’s of the diamond industry. The term 4C’s refers to the clarity, cut, carat, and color of a diamond. Let’s start with the carat of a diamond.

You might be familiar with the term carat. This term is typically the first thing you hear when people talk about an expensive diamond. Most people think that the term is referring to the size of the diamond(s). Although this is true it’s only slightly true. More specifically the term carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Diamonds that weigh more are much more dense than the lighter varieties. Although the weight and size of a diamond are what catches the eyes of most people, the value of a diamond isn’t determined by this aspect alone. A large diamond with poor color and clarity may sell for a lot less than a smaller one with better all around quality.

The cut of a diamond is also very important to diamond buyers Los Angeles has available. Many jewelers spend years perfecting their skills to create a diamond with a perfect cut. The way a diamond is cut will affect the light and color it transmits. Properly cut diamonds share key characteristics that are important. For instance, a properly cut diamond is proportionate and weight is distributed equally. A perfectly cut diamond is also symmetrical all of the way around.

The last 4C’s are color and clarity. Color actually refers to the absence of color. Many diamond buyers Los Angeles has available consider perfect diamonds to have absolutely no hue at all. The fact that this characteristic is so rare is what makes hueless diamonds so sought after. Clarity simply refers to the lack of internal and external blemishes. Some diamonds suffer from tiny internal bubbles or chips and scratches on the surface. Pay attention to these and the other 4C’s to find the diamond that’s right for you.

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