Feb 19, 2014

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The Challenges Of Dealing With A Milwaukee Personal Injury

Getting injured is no laughing matter. Millions of people are injured every year due to a number of crazy accidents. Some of these accidents result in a couple of scratches and bruises, and others leave individuals permanently damaged. Some people accidentally injure themselves and other times these people are injured by someone else. Your Milwaukee Personal Injury needs to be addressed by an attorney if you were unfairly injured due to someone else’s carelessness.

Imagine you’re crossing the road and a driver in a car runs a red light and smashes into you. The injuries you sustain from this incident leave you paralyzed. Because of the driver’s carelessness you now face years of rehabilitation, mounds of medical debt, and the inability to walk again. Wouldn’t you want this driver to pay for what they did? If you do, you’re going to need to speak to a Milwaukee Personal Injury attorney. Your attorney will work to make sure that driver, and their insurance company, pays you for the pain and suffering you’ll be forever faced with.

Personal injuries can happen on the job as well. Often times workers are injured from malfunctioning equipment or some other problem that’s the responsibility of the employer. These injuries can leave employees out of a job and unable to work for months at a time. Employees in situations similar to this will definitely need an attorney. Employers often have lawyers on retainer to handle complaints and lawsuits filed by employees. Having an attorney on your side will surely give you a fighting chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies will be involved somewhere in the mix. Since insurance companies are paid to protect people in case their in an accident, you’d think they’d be more than willing to help once someone is injured, right? Unfortunately, dealing with the insurance company will likely be your toughest challenge while facing your injuries. Insurance companies are very strict about handing out large claims. Most are sceptical of people who may or may not be attempting to commit fraud. Consult with Jacobson, Schrinsky and Houck if you want a fair chance at getting the compensation you deserve.



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