Jun 1, 2015

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The Causes and Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lumbar area can be caused by a number of conditions including muscle sprains from an injury or accident, pregnancy, sitting for too long in an improper chair, and herniated discs. In addition, kidney stones, ovarian cysts and sciatica can all be to blame for the aches you may feel just above the buttocks. While your exact cause of the aches will vary, as will the treatment options, there is a chiropractic option for lower back pain relief in South Bend for those who are ready to say goodbye to their aches.

Pain Medications and Masks

Masks are a form of treating the aches without taking care of the root issue such as the pinched nerve or the herniated disc. It’s a temporary remedy and may provide you with enough time to naturally heal. Or it could simply be a way to mask the feeling and once the medication wears off, the aches return. For this reason, it’s always best to seek a professional when you’re looking for lower back pain relief in South Bend. There are various options which can not only remedy the painful issue, but determine and treat the root of the problem as well.

Easy at Home Treatments for Lower Back Pain Relief

If you were playing a vigorous sport or took a small tumble down the stairs, you could have strained the muscles in the lumbar area of your back. For this, sometimes rest and relaxation is the best treatment. Allow your body time to heal naturally. Hot or cold compresses may also add to your level of comfort during this time. If this does not seem to work, you may have a herniated disc. South Bend Chiropractic can offer a quick and simple assessment of your injury and remedy it with an adjustment. This often times provides immediate relief and increases your range of motion in that area.

Light Aerobics and Massage Therapy

Gently stretching the sore area of your spine may help to ease the aches as well. By doing a light aerobic workout, you can not only ease the muscles back into your normal range of movement, but you can help stretch them so a future injury does not occur in the same area. In addition, South Bend Chiropractic uses therapeutic massage treatments to ease tight muscles, improve circulation and relieve stress. If no other method has worked, a soothing massage could be just the thing to help you move past this temporary pain you are experiencing.

Looking for lower back pain relief in South Bend? Give Dr. Kaurich a call at South Bend Chiropractic &Wellness Center and ask about spinal adjustments!

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