Dec 27, 2011

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The Best Tips for Rug Cleaning

All homes and business have rugs that are found somewhere around the house or building.  Whether the rugs are found in bathrooms, hallways or entry ways, it is extremely important for rugs to be cleaned throughout the year.  When rugs are cleaned on a routine basis, this will eliminate dirt, pebbles, germs and dust from floating around the house or building.  Individuals are able to clean their rugs themselves or seek experts to help them complete this duty.  There are businesses that will come to your home or office and pick up the rugs and take them to clean, or they may have vehicles equipped to come out to your home or office and clean them onsite.  When choosing to allow another individual to provide maintenance to your rugs you will want to make sure that they know what they are doing and have the proper credentials for rug cleaning.

It is always important to keep in mind the material that the rug is made up of and the cleaning supplies used on a rug.  If the proper maintenance is not performed on a rug, the rug could be ruined.  One of the best tips for keeping rugs clean is to flip it over once a month and sweep or vacuum the back of the rug.  By sweeping back of the rug, this will prevent the vacuum from clinging onto small pieces of the fabric and causing tears to occur.  It is also suggested to take the rug outside and shake it out and beat it with another object to help shake out the dirt, pebbles and dust.

If the decision has been made to use carpet shampoos or sprays on a rug, it is vital that a person read exactly what the carpet shampoo should be used on and the ingredients found in the solution.  Some carpet shampoos and sprays have been known to leave small marks on rugs or make them fade faster.  So, it is always important to read the ingredients before using on a rug.  Another way to ensure that a rug is staying clean throughout the year is to clean up any spills or spots that occur along the way.  If foods or drinks have been spilled it is best to blot or scrape up the food or liquid.  If a person rubs the food or liquid using a circular motion this will cause the food or liquid to attach itself more to the fibers in a rug.

Using hydrogen peroxide and mild detergents mixed with water are two good sources for cleaning up items such as milk and red wine.  It is a good idea to vacuum at least every week or every two weeks when it comes to rugs within your home or office.




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