The Best Tiny House Builder in Everett, WA

Tiny house cottages are the latest rage. More and more people are moving into tiny homes because of the current housing market. It is a seller’s market. This means buyers are paying over the asking price or actual value of the home. A tiny house builder in Everett, WA can design you a custom home that is perfect for you and your family.

Less Expensive

Tiny houses are less expensive to build and maintain. Have your children grown and moved out of your house? Are you thinking about downsizing? Do you want a mobile home without buying a mobile home? Tiny homes can be moved easily on a trailer. Because they are smaller, they also require fewer materials translating to a less expensive purchase price. Instead of paying another mortgage, it is much easier to buy a tiny house outright. If you cannot afford the full purchase, payments are often much lower than a large home and overall, you will pay less in interest rates. You will also find heating, cooling, and water bills are more affordable.

Pre-Designed and Custom Made

The best tiny house builder in Everett, WA will ask you what you are looking for in a tiny house. They will show you their pre-designed plans and work off your ideas. If floor space is important to you, you can ask what about foldable tables and beds. Tiny homes often include storage space in the ceiling and closets. Many people prefer their front door leading directly into the bathroom area. It prevents foot traffic and dirt from building up in other spaces of your tiny home.

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