The Best Times to Save Money at a Home Furniture Store in Minneapolis

Going to a discount home furniture store is a great place to find good deals on furniture for any room of your home. If you need to find a new mattress set for your bed or to buy your child’s first bed, they can be a wonderful resource. Not only can they save you money everyday over some of the national retail furniture chains, but if you know when to buy a mattress, you could save yourself even more money.

Yearly Mattress Sales

During certain times of the year, it may seem like every furniture store in town has a sale on mattresses. You will see advertisements for a local home furniture store in Minneapolis, as well as national chain stores that sell mattresses, on TV and in print ads. If you need a mattress, you can put aside money to buy them during these sales and save yourself hundreds of dollars.

The markups on mattresses are high, which is good for retailers because they can make a nice tidy profit on them. However, it isn’t so good for consumers because they will pay much more than they realize for the mattresses. Knowing when mattresses go on sale will go a long way in helping you get a great price on a mattress because retailers often mark them down fifty percent or more. Labor Day is one of the days furniture retailers put their mattresses on sale.

Along with Labor Day, many furniture retailers have mattress sales on other major holidays as well, including President’s Day, which is also a popular time for general furniture sales; Memorial Day and the fourth of July. Since most people have those days off, along with the weekend if they fall on a Friday or Monday, retailers will use mattress sales to draw people into their stores to shop.

Furniture Sales

For furniture for the rest of your home, you should pay attention to the advertisements in January and around President’s Day. In January, retailers are trying to clear out last year’s stock, so they don’t have to account for it on their inventory and on their tax returns. They also want to make room for new models that they plan to put on their showroom floor during the month of February. On President’s Day, you will see sales on the new inventory that they do get in stock.

By paying attention to when a local home furniture store in Minneapolis puts its inventory on sale, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. Furniture doesn’t really change much from year to year, and you can buy good quality furniture that will last for several years when it goes on sale during certain times of the year.

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