Feb 27, 2019

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The Best Reasons To Choose A Brass Ball Valve

The Best Reasons To Choose A Brass Ball Valve

With the various types of high impact resistant, high temperature resistant types of plastics on the market, many of the valves used in a variety of systems are now made of a thermoplastic that is easy to mold, highly durable and can stand up to a range of different types of environments, systems and even corrosive types of media in the system.

For traditional types of valves that are durable, easy to work with and that have long life cycles, brass and bronze have always been the two go-to options. Bronze is made from a combination of copper and tin, while brass is made from copper and zinc.

Ball valves are very commonly used quarter turn valve options. They offer a fast and easy way to open or close a valve, and the position of the ball in the valve can be quickly detected with just a glance at the position of the handle in relation to the inlet and outlet port.

Benefits of Brass

A brass ball valve is a popular choice in many different types of systems. Brass is considered safe and non-reactive with many types of media in a system, making it a good option for potable water or many other types of solutions.

The brass ball valve is also highly corrosion resistant, which is important as these types of valves may not be used frequently. By choosing brass, there is less risk of damage to the valve that may cause a seal failure when the valve is required to stop or start the flow of a liquid or a gas through the system.

The choice of a brass ball valve is most commonly used in more robust systems with metal pipe or tubing. There are different ends possible on the valve, making it easy to connect to pipes or tubes or to equipment ports as required.

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