Feb 29, 2016

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The Best Choice in Tanning Lotions in Green Bay WI

The Best Choice in Tanning Lotions in Green Bay WI

When it comes to tanning lotions in Green Bay WI, the number of choices seems to expand constantly. Every person should choose their lotion based on not only their desired result but also on their ability to tolerate the lotion characteristics. Some of the most popular lotions today are the tingle factor and hot action type of lotions. These lotions are best for experienced tanners since they do cause a very distinct skin reaction. These lotions have ingredients such as benzyl nicotinate or methyl nicotinate, both of which encourage micro circulation. Essentially, these type of lotions strongly increases the blood flow, which can cause a tingling sensation and feel of warmth. Anyone with sensitive skin should avoid these types of lotions.

Another popular type of tanning lotions in Green Bay WI are the bronzer lotions. These kind of lotions actually impact the skin color by altering the skin cells. Bronzer lotions, when combined with an indoor tanning session, can give you a nearly immediate tan. However, it is important that they are applied with care, as these lotions could potentially stain clothing or hands. Bronzer lotions can be used by people with sensitive skin.

For the person who is brand new to the world of indoor tanning, nothing beats a tan accelerator. These lotions are created with the goal of quick and even tanning, but they typically do not contain a bronzer. Thanks to the high moisturizer content in this type of lotion, they are very easy to apply and absorb into the skin easily. People who have no base tan, or who have only a minimal base tan, will generally want to use this type of lotion to start out. It will quickly help establish a strong base tan that can then be built upon using other types of tanning lotions if desired.

Some people are looking for instant results in tanning, and for that result, it is best to use a tingle lotion. The highest tingle factor lotions will be clearly labeled, but it is always best to speak to the tanning salon staff for guidance no matter what your desired outcome may be. You can contact us to find out more now!

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