Aug 21, 2014

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The Best Augers Oregon Has to Offer

Farmers have the tremendous job of feeding populations around the world. To get the job done farmers need quality feed and seed processing equipment and fertilizer equipment. Farmers in the United States will need the best augers in Oregon area has to offer. Customers in need of farming tools should look for a company that specializes in the sales, service, and repair of feed and seed processing equipment and grain storage or processing equipment.

The company works with dealers from a variety of brands. The brands are well known in the agriculture processing industry. Customers can choose equipment from brands, such as American Newlong, Ferrell-Ross, Bazooka Conveyors, Carter Day, Bin Master, Chronos Richardson, Empire Rubber, Tapco Inc., and Universal Industries. The company offers a variety of equipment, such as grain storage, feed and seed processing equipment, grain conditioning systems, fertilizer equipment, steel buildings, and bagging systems. The fertilizer equipment in stock includes augers, elevators, mixers, distributors, drags, Ag chemical containers, and rail and truck unloading equipment.

Customers can select from a variety of steel buildings to store their feed and seed product, such as farm and agricultural buildings, grain storage, commercial buildings, and steel and wood buildings. Customers who need feed and seed processing equipment can choose from roller mills, pellet mills, elevators, filters, box dumpers, sifters and shakers, scalpers, and others in stock. Customers can ensure their grains and feed are protected with grain conditioning systems in stock. These systems include fans, aeration systems, flushed floor systems, heaters, fans, raised floors, and perforated duct systems.

The best Augers Oregon has to offer will come from a company that sells new and used equipment to accommodate customers with various financial needs. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the best sales and service experience for all of their feed and seed processing equipment. Fast service is a priority for the company. This includes providing 24-hour service for all customer needs, no matter if the project is big or small. Company employees provide innovative solutions to customers. A quality company will have superior millwright work that extends the use life of all equipment customers use all throughout the year.

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