Mar 4, 2014

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The Benefits Provided by Cogeneration Systems

Cogeneration allows you to product two different types of energy from a single fuel source. Generally, this will be electric and thermal energy. Any cogeneration systems that you have on your property will include a power generator and a heat recovery option, although you can use different technologies like gas turbines, fuel cells, stream turbines, and reciprocating engines to achieve this. Over the long term, cogeneration can save you money by preventing you from wasting energy.

Efficient Energy
When receiving energy from a utility company, you will lose close to 25 percent of it during the delivery process. Having a cogeneration unit on your property, however, allows you to develop much of your own energy, eliminating this waste. In addition, many cogeneration systems can increase efficiency by over 80 percent, while traditional power stations run at under 40 percent efficiency. With the prices of energy increasing, having the ability to save this money is huge and can reduce your overhead greatly when installed within your business.

Environmentally Friendly
As a green energy source, cogeneration power reduces the amount of greenhouses gases and chlorofluorocarbons for which you are responsible. It runs on natural gas, which is far more environmentally friendly than energy sources like coal, which also helps lower your carbon footprint.

Once your cogeneration unit is installed, you can upgrade it at any time. This is ideal for businesses that plan on expanding in the near future, since you can add components as you grow. Expansion might also be ideal if you have installed a system within your community, as it gives you the option of expanding the community and having energy continuity throughout the development.

You will need a professional to come in and install your unit, as it must be engineered and fully integrated into your property. Keep in mind that your cogeneration facilities must be located close to a thermal house and at a location where the grid can support this additional output. As a result, a team will come to visit your property to determine if this type of power is right for you.

ENER-G Rudox is one of the largest power generation companies in the United States’ Northeast region. They are a world-wide market leader in cogeneration and energy efficient technologies.

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