Dec 11, 2013

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The Benefits of Using Powdered Food Coloring

There are many types of food colorings available on the market. Most home cooks are familiar with the gel and liquid food colorings sold at supermarkets. These are easy to use to color icings for cakes and cookies. Baking stores also sell powdered food coloring and food coloring pastes. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of coloring, but the powder is often enjoyed by professional cake and cookie decorators who need something that won’t change the consistency of the icing or fondant.

Works Well with Icing or Fondant

Powdered food coloring works well with both icings and fondant. Even if it’s not your preferred method of coloring icing or fondant, if you’re ever in a bind and only have the powder available you know it will work. Some bakers prefer the powder form of coloring because it doesn’t change the consistency of the icing or fondant. With liquid or gel based colorings, the consistency of the icing or fondant can thin out with repeated use of color. This can make it difficult to get the dark hue needed for decorating.

Every baker has a preferred method of mixing in color to food. With food coloring powder, some bakers add the powder directly to the icing while others mix it with alcohol or extract before adding it to icing. Bakers who work extensively with fondant often add it to the powdered sugar before making the fondant. You will need to experiment to determine the easiest way for you to get your desired color results. Another benefit of powder is that a little goes a long way, and you will reach dark or bright hues faster than with liquid based colorings.

Has a Variety of Other Uses

Powdered food coloring works well in other baking applications. Many decorators enjoy using it to paint directly onto decorative pieces. By adding the powder to alcohol or extract, you can create a light or dark shade to color flowers, edging, or other custom cake designs. Because you’re working with a thinned out color, it won’t gum up on your cake or cookies like gel or paste. You can also use the powder to dust over cookies or cakes. Used much like powdered sugar, you can use a sifter to create a dusting of various colors. This technique works well when using baking stencils, dusting flower petals, or dusting cookie tops. With the versatility of food coloring powders, it’s often a staple in many baking kitchens.

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