Apr 2, 2014

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The benefits of using coaxial cable

Bulk coaxial cable is a common component that is used in the cable television industry; it is used to make the physical connection between antenna base station and the user’s location.

Coaxial cable is called that because of the construction. Bulk coaxial cable consists of a copper core which is one channel that transmits the signal. Another physical channel which is normally foil or braided copper runs along the same axis, this channel is the ground. The two channels are separated with an insulating material and this is all encased in an overall jacket.

Coaxial cable is quite robust and can be used for a wide range of application both indoors and outdoors. Perhaps the most common use is connecting various accessories to a common monitor such as a television as well as connecting the TV to a signal which is supplied by a cable or satellite company. Coaxial cable offers several advantages over other types of cable.


Coaxial, often simply called “coax” cable can be used for a number of reasons. When a user connects a DVD player or a Blu-Ray player to the TV, coaxial cable is ideal. The same cable can just as easily be used to connect the TV to the satellite dish that sits on the roof of your home or to the cable which runs the length of your street. Coaxial cables can transfer radio transmission, TV or data signals.


Because coaxial cables can transmit different types of signals, the capacity of the cable is important. Although the cables are very similar in exterior appearance, there are several different types. Coaxial cables are generally rated at 50 or 75 Ohms impedance; they have different outer diameters and capacity depending on the operating voltage. Coax cable transfers huge amounts of data at high speed, as much as 100 megabytes per second; with speeds like this the cable is ideal for use in broadband internet installations.

Range of frequency:

Different data transfers need different frequencies to move the information from one point to another. As coaxial cables are capable of handling various frequencies, even at the same time, they are ideal for installations such as running internet and cable TV through the common cable.

The outer jacket of bulk coaxial cable is tough, it protects the inner conductors from damage and it reduces interference from outside sources which means high speed data transfer with a low occurrence of transfer errors.

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