Oct 31, 2013

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The Benefits of Using A Veterinary Facility for Pet Grooming in Queens, NY

Your dog or cat feels like a member of the family, so you want them to be groomed by the best specialists. The simplest way to ensure your pet’s good grooming and overall care is to use a full-service veterinary hospital that offers Pet grooming in Queens, NY. When you make this choice, you get several advantages that include:

  • WELL TRAINED STAFF: The staff at a veterinary facility is well qualified and trained. You can trust experts, such as Howard Beach Animal Clinic staff members, to handle your pet carefully and expertly. They will also inspect dogs and cats for signs of problems, which they can report to you.
  • NEARBY MEDICAL HELP: Very young or old, and sick pets may need extra attention, or even medical intervention before they can be groomed. When you use a clinic for Pet grooming in Queens, NY, pet handlers will ask a vet to examine your animal when they show signs of distress, illness or other problems. This reduces pet anxiety and ensures that no procedures will be done if they could harm your cat or dog.
  • A CHANCE TO FIND A VET: If you are searching for a full-service clinic, using them for Pet grooming is a great way to inspect the facility and meet the staff. You can also find out what services they offer, what their charges are, and make an appointment for your pet’s routine care.
  • BOARDING FACILITIES: You may or may not leave your pet for a period of time when they are groomed, but either way, the process allows you to inspect the clinic’s boarding area. If you need to go on vacation or leave your pet after a medical procedure, you want to ensure that the clinic offers clean boarding facilities, with exercise areas, and climate control.
  • SAVINGS: Many clinics offer excellent prices for pet grooming, boarding, and medical care. They might also provide promotions and senior discounts.

When your dog or cat needs to be groomed, it is smart to let a full-service clinic do the job. This gives you peace of mind, because groomers are professionals and a vet is nearby. Using a clinic also allows you to save money and inspect the facility, to determine if will meet your pet’s boarding and medical care needs.

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