Sep 15, 2017

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The Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids in Fairfield CT

While many parents look on the kids’ summer vacation from school as a time of relaxation and a respite from the daily activities that school brings, they forget that many children want to attend summer camp for kids in Fairfield CT. This is a great idea and is a way for children to keep active and avoid falling into the summer doldrums. Here are some of the ways children can benefit from attending summer camp.


Children learn much about teamwork while attending camp. They learn about investing in relationships with others and the importance of helping others while others are able to help them. With a seeming magnification of the “me, me, me” attitude in today’s society, teamwork is a great life skill to develop and master.


At summer camp, kids learn how to get back upafter falling. For example, the summer camp for kids in Fairfield CT has a rope course where kids will fail the first few times. They are supposed to-;it is designed that way. But the teaching lesson is not necessarily in the finishing of the course but more in the willingness to overcome adversity and keep trying even after failing at the outset. Once they finally finish the course, they will learn the value of not quitting even when the going gets tough.

New Skills

Some of the skills that kids learn at camp are skills they have never been exposed to. Skills such as cooking, doing laundry, and manual chores let the child develop a sense of worth they will carry with them well into their adulthood. With so many people unable to rely on themselves or never being taught even simple tasks such cooking themselves a meal, children will benefit greatly and be able to pass this knowledge to their own children.

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