Jul 23, 2013

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The Benefits of Regular Visits to Dr. Lewis and Associates in Williamson County TN

When you think about an eye doctor or an optometrist, you probably think about a place you’d go to have your vision tested to see if you need glasses. While there’s no doubt that doctors such as Dr. Lewis & Associates Williamson County TN commit the bulk of their work to testing people’s eyesight in order to fit them with glasses or contact lenses, that’s only one area in which an optometrist can be of benefit to you and your eyesight.

Unfortunately, what many people don’t realize is that poor vision is sometimes a side effect of a more serious condition. Sometimes, especially in younger people, poor vision simply means that a person will need corrective lenses. However, as a person gets older, there are greater risks of certain degenerative conditions within a person’s eyes. Common conditions can include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and keratoconus.

In addition, eyesight can be severely affected by infections and allergies that can be treated with various medications. If you think that going to an eye doctor is simply a way to get glasses, bearing all this in mind, you’ll understand that an eye doctor not only helps you see better but helps to promote healthy eyes in general.

Of course, if you have had a problem with your vision that isn’t related to eye disease, infections or allergies, then you may have a natural deficiency that needs to be corrected through glasses or contacts. That is an area where Dr. Lewis & Associates Williamson County TN is exceptionally skilled.

In addition, this medical practice has also begun offering LASIK surgery. This is a laser surgery that can correct certain vision inadequacies and eliminate the need for corrective lenses or contacts altogether.

Regardless of whether you’re concerned about eye disease or you simply need to determine whether you need corrective lenses or LASIK surgery, going to an optometrist is an excellent way to do all of this and more. A healthy set of eyes are important and by regular visits to an optometrist, you can ensure that your vision is as it should be and that your eyes are free of disease, infection or allergic reactions. Visit website for more information.



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