Apr 20, 2013

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The benefits of metal recycling

Metal recycling is a process wherein old metal materials are reused. In the United States we recycle 15 million metric tons of scrap materials every year. Most scrap materials that are often recycled are aluminium and steel. Since more individuals are now into environmental issues, recycling these scrap materials is the most effective way to reduce its waste. H & C Metals is one of the best metal recycling Newark, NJ companies in the country.

Why choose H & C Metals?

H & C Metals is aware and concerned regarding the environmental situations that the country is in. That is why this metal recycling Newark, NJ company is using the most effective process in recycling these scrap materials to reduce waste. They know that by recycling these materials, the energy that is consumed each day is being reduced.

What are the benefits in metal recycling Newark, NJ?

With the number of metal materials recycled annually, the metal scrap recycling industry was able to generate an income of $86 billion. They even manage to support individuals by giving them over 85,000 jobs. The metal recycling Newark, NJ company knows that recycling scrap materials can contribute significantly to the US trade balances. In fact these reused scrap materials are processed into raw material feedstock that the country exports. These are often used for industrial manufacturing.

In addition metal recycling Newark, NJ saves energy. It can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If metals are recycled it uses less energy as compared to producing metals from virgin ore. It can save up to 92% of energy used to produce aluminium, 90% for copper, and 56% for steel. If the US can save this much when producing metals, the environment could breathe easily.

Lastly, metal recycling Newark, NJ can help conserve the natural resources of the state. This is just one of the many goals that H & C Metals is achieving to ensure that their company is an environmental friendly one. They are aware that by recycling steels, around 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 120 pounds of limestone, and 1,400 pounds of coal are conserved. To recycle aluminium, it can conserve 8 tons of bauxite ore and 14 megawatt hours of electricity.
With all these benefits that metal recycling Newark, NJ can get, not only are they able to help boost their state’s economy but they can also give people jobs.


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