Apr 29, 2014

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The Benefits of Living in Manhattan

The Benefits of Living in Manhattan

Manhattan is the heart of New York City and is full of the hustle and bustle made famous in the movies. To accommodate everyone, there are Manhattan luxury apartments for sale that provide the features and amenities you want in a luxury apartment buildings. While some people don’t see the appeal of living in Manhattan, there are many benefits to finding a place in the heart of the city. If you’re contemplating a move to Manhattan, here are some reasons you may love living in the center of it all.

You Don’t Need a Car

Manhattan is known as a pedestrian city. All of the residents tend to walk or bike to work and to entertainment venues. Because the majority of businesses operate out of Manhattan, commutes are short and you don’t have to fight traffic. Commuting from outside of the city takes hours, costs thousands of dollars a year in gas, and takes away precious time that you could spend with your family. The fact that it’s a pedestrian city gives it a different vibe than a suburb or smaller city. Manhattan residents rely on chauffeured cars, trains, or taxis to get places that are too far to walk.

Easy Access to Necessary Services

When you look at Manhattan luxury apartments for sale remember that buying in Manhattan means you have easy access to numerous services. There are always people available for hire whether you need a housekeeper, nanny, or pet sitter. Access to these services isn’t as available in other places in New York. The apartment buildings also have great doormen that are happy to accept packages for you and make sure that your deliveries remain secure until you get home.

Plenty of Things to Do

Manhattan is full of nightlife, restaurants, cultural attractions, and shopping. People who love to stay busy and want easy access to entertainment should look at Manhattan luxury apartments for sale. When you live in Manhattan, you’re only a short walk or cab ride from a number of different entertainment venues. Central Park is popular for outdoor activities, and there are other numerous parks in the area that residents frequent. Although some people may not understand why anyone would want to live in a city as busy as Manhattan, it has plenty of benefits for those who choose to reside there.

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