Nov 12, 2014

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The Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Spokane

Your yard is a direct reflection of your commitment to keeping your home and property beautiful and lush. If you want to keep your yard looking great during all seasons, make sure you consider talking to a professional lawn contractor about having your yard aerated. It will not only make your yard easier to maintain, but it will help your grass look beautiful and green all season long. If you have never had your yard aerated in the past, you may not understand the benefits to doing so. The following are just three of the many ways your yard can benefit from professional Lawn Aeration in Spokane.

Increase Water Uptake

The key to having a healthy yard is making sure that your grass is given an adequate amount of water. When you have your yard aerated, it will enable your grass to absorb water which will give it a greener color and reduce the chances of disease formation. Combat the issues associated with a drought by having your yard aerated at least twice per season.

Fertilizer Permeation

Fertilizer will help keep your yard healthy and prevent weeds and other unwanted plants from sprouting. While applying fertilizer on a regular basis is an important part of keeping your grass healthy, you also want to make sure that it is being absorbed after it is applied. You can increase the amount of water that your grass absorbs by letting a professional provide Lawn Aeration in Spokane. Make sure your fertilizer isn’t spread in vain by having your yard aerated before application.

Reduced Puddling and Water Runoff

If you have trouble with puddles forming after a rain storm and water running through your yard, you know it can lead to disease and cause your grass to die. By aerating your yard you are giving water the chance to naturally drain into your soil where it can be absorbed by your grass. Don’t let puddles prevent you from having the yard you deserve.

The time to aerate your yard is now. If you need help getting your grass in good shape, let the professionals at Spokane Pro Care help you. They provide a full line of lawn care services and will be there to keep your property looking beautiful, no matter what mother nature may throw your way. Call them today to learn more and to schedule your no commitment lawn health assessment.

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