The Benefits of Installing a Flexible Door

When looking for a door to install at the job site, you will have a number of options from which to choose. Most sites have steel doors, since they are durable and will protect everything that you have inside the warehouse. The main issue, however, is that they are extremely heavy and they dent if you hit them with something. As a result, many businesses are now using a flexible door, as this prevents some of these negatives, while still keeping your property safe.

Although steel doors can withstand a significant impact, they will often end up with a dent. If the dent is severe enough, the door will not open, which means that you will have to go through with the repair job right away. Losing hours on the job site because of a dent in the door is very frustrating, which is why a number of businesses now operate with a flexible door. These doors can be reset after an impact, so you do not have to wait for the door to be repaired if someone runs into it with a forklift or truck.

Open Quickly
Another problem that often occurs with traditional bay doors is the amount of time that they take to open and close. While this is not a problem in all locations, it is frustrating during the winter in a cold location. The longer the door is open in this situation, the more energy you will lose and the colder the warehouse will get as well. Having a door that moves at 36 inches more a second, while still being completely safe, is a nice feature to have in these climates.

Easy to Install
Perhaps the main benefit of purchasing a flexible door for the exterior of your business is that it is extremely easy to install. Since these doors usually do not run on a pulley system, you will not have to worry about installing extra hardware. In addition, the steel frame that comes with the door supports the rest of the door, which will save you a great deal of money during the installation.

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