Apr 17, 2013

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The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney after an Auto Accident

The costs incurred after an auto accident are often extensive, especially if there were injuries and damages. While you may be able to handle a minor fender bender without litigation, a major accident often involves the need for a lawyer. Many people find that it’s hard to collect monies from the other party to pay for damages or injuries, and even if the other party is responsible for the accident their insurance agency often tries to lowball settlements or create reasons for not paying.  You shouldn’t feel anxious about retaining auto accidents representation in St. Louis, because there are many benefits to working with a lawyer.

Attorneys Have Better Access to Law Enforcement

When dealing with litigation, it’s important to have all of the evidence for the case. Lawyers are perfect for helping clients needing auto accidents representation. St. Louis attorneys that specialize in auto accidents and personal injury will often have relationships built up with local law enforcement agencies. It’s much easier for your attorney to acquire all of the evidence and statements made about the auto accident than it would be for you to work with the police.

Insurance Agencies Don’t Like Litigation

If you’re main problem lies with the auto insurance agency not wanting to pay, or arguing with you about the facts of the case, you need auto accidents representation. St. Louis attorneys will contact the insurance agency on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company. It’s often very hard for a regular person to negotiate well with an insurance company and get a favorable result. Since insurance agencies try to avoid litigation, the representatives will work hard to negotiate with your attorney and you should end up with a favorable settlement.

The benefits of hiring an attorney will vary based on your personal case, so it’s best to research all of your options before deciding to handle the ramifications of an auto accident on your own.



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