The Benefits of Finding a Functional Medicine Practitioner Near Jacksonville, FL

There are several doctors who have changed their approach from treating symptoms to helping individuals identify the root cause of healthy issues. These doctors believe that getting to the root will help patients to take control of their health and future. This approach leads patience to optimal health and wellness by coaching and guiding individuals toward their unique goals. This approach to medicine is called functional medicine.

Functional medicine practitioners look at the more complex interactions between a person’s genetics, environment, physiology and lifestyle. From there, they develop a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s health. Practitioners of functional medicine seek to understand and treat the underlying factors that contribute to a person’s poor health or any condition rather than simply managing symptoms.

There are whole body wellness centers everywhere and doctors who practice functional medicine near Jacksonville, Florida. The centers help patients overcome chronic illnesses using functional medicine practices as well as lifestyle coaching.

Lifestyle coaching, also known as life coaching, is a process where individuals work with a coach to identify and achieve personal goals. In addition, they work to make positive changes in themselves and improve their overall well being. Some benefits of lifestyle coaching include goal clarification, accountability and support, self-discovery and awareness, and more.

Those practitioners of functional medicine near Jacksonville, Florida encourage holistic treatments to conquer chronic illnesses because it improves a person’s overall life. Other benefits include enhanced emotional well-being, greater resilience and coping skills, improved relationship and social connections, in addition to many more.

If you are in Florida and looking for a healthcare group that treats patients with functional medicine and holistic wellness approaches to health, contact New Life Healthcare for more information.

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