Aug 4, 2015

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The Benefits of Eating at Seafood Restaurants in Rockville

The Benefits of Eating at Seafood Restaurants in Rockville

If eating out, seafood restaurants are one of the better choices, as there are a number of health benefits associated with eating seafood. Not only is seafood typically low in saturated fat and calories, but it also provides significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and the essential omega-3 fats. These fats may be helpful for lowering heart disease, cancer, eye disease and stroke risk and limiting cognitive decline as people get older. Salmon is one of the types of fish that are higher in these beneficial fats, as are herring, tuna, mackerel, sardines and rainbow trout. Other types of seafood, such as shrimp, clams and scallops still provide these fats, just at lower levels.

Seafood can also be a good option for people with digestive issues, as the type of protein it contains is easier to digest than that found in chicken or red meat. It’s also easier to chew, so it is a nutritious way for people who have trouble chewing to get their protein. A 3-ounce serving provides about one-third of the typical adult’s recommended protein intake.

The one potential concern with eating seafood more often is the mercury that it sometimes contains. This is particularly a concern with women of child-bearing age and children. It’s best to avoid the highest mercury types of seafood, such as king mackerel, shark, tilefish and swordfish, and to limit tuna consumption, as it can also be high in mercury. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to increase overall seafood consumption, using seafood to replace some of the less healthy red meat commonly consumed in high amounts by Americans. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week.

Increasing seafood consumption isn’t easy for people who aren’t as familiar with the best ways to cook the different types of fish. Eating at one of the Seafood Restaurants in Rockville the next time you’re planning on dining out can make this simple, as all the work is done for you and you don’t need to worry about properly cleaning and cooking an unfamiliar type of fish.

Next time you’re considering eating at one of the Seafood Restaurants in Rockville, you may want to Contact The Potomac Grill. They offer a variety of seafood dishes as well as vegetarian, steak and chicken dishes for those who aren’t fans of fish.

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