Aug 23, 2017

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The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows in Arlington

The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows in Arlington

When replacing your windows, you need to make the best choice for your home and interests before you consider the cost, although double-glazed options are among the most cost-effective available right now. Double glazing is the phrase used to describe a window fitted with not one, but two panels of glass and a layer of oxygen or argon gas in between. There are many benefits to this improved design. Older glass surfaces only utilize a single pane of glass and are more likely to let heat out of the house, become foggy with condensation, or otherwise do little to improve the security of your home.

Noise Reduction

Double-glazed glass surfaces on a home provide up to 70% noise reduction throughout the house, allowing you to finally find some peace and quiet even if you live in the middle of the city. Due to their layered design, you will immediately hear, or rather not hear, the difference instantaneously and then continue to enjoy this convenience so long as you maintain your glass surfaces. AAA Glass is one company dedicated to providing you with quality and durability and you receive a guarantee of great results every single time.

Energy Efficiency

It may surprise you to learn that a third or more of all hot and cool air lost from a home is through the windows, which is why you need to upgrade your outdated glass as soon as possible. Double-glazed windows in Arlington are not only highly durable but they will significantly reduce your monthly energy costs by reducing the amount of hot or cool air lost from your home. To put it simply, your HVAC will no longer need to work as hard as possible just to keep your comfortable inside your own home, something that old, single-panel glass surfaces cannot provide.


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