Nov 23, 2018

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The Benefits of Choosing PG Based Nicotine

The Benefits of Choosing PG Based Nicotine

If you are new to using e-juice, you probably have wondered what the difference is between VG and PG based nicotine. In this article, we’ll be primarily focusing on what PG e-juice is and what benefits it can provide. Understanding what to expect can give you a better idea of whether this product is right for you.

What Propylene Glycol Is

When you hear PG, it refers to propylene glycol. It is a fluid that has no color or odor. It is also known to be a thinner liquid than VG is. For those who want the “throat hit” feeing associated with a cigarette while vaping, PG is the best option. Also, it is considered to be the better choice to carry flavors. What this makes the most common fluid used for nicotine and concentrates of flavors.

The Many Uses of PG

There are some uses for propylene glycol in the average household. Some of the most common are the following:

  • Oral, topical, and injected medical products

  • Nicotine e-juice vaporizers and similar products

  • Pet food, except for cat food

  • Shampoo, makeup, baby wipes, and other beauty products

Safety Rating of PG

There have been studies that show ingesting PG orally safe and the FDA has expressed that it is “generally recognized as safe” when used as an additive in foods. There are also studies which show that inhaling this substance is also completely harmless.

While there was a study showing that the product could cause health issues, this was later debunked. It is believed that the actual health risks were instead associated with glycol ethers, which are not present in e-juice liquids. PG is considered safe for humans and dogs but is not safe for cats.

What to Know About Vaping with PG

There are some individuals who find PG too harsh to vape. A small number of people may also be allergic to PG. If you notice you have a rash or other reaction after using this sort of e-juice, you should consider using a VG juice instead. The most common side effects associated with propylene glycol vaping include a sore throat, dehydration, increased thirst, and dry mouth. Drinking more water is suggested when you begin using this type of e-juice.

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