May 13, 2013

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The Benefits of an Accurate Product Content Management System

Today’s retailers manage inventories with hundreds of thousands of items. They sell those items in several different venues including bricks and mortar stores, websites, emails, and catalogs. Product Content Management software allows them to do this rapidly and efficiently. A properly designed system requires that the information for each product only has to be added to the system only once. Then as that information is modified, those changes are updated in all of the desired settings. This guarantees that customers get the correct product specifications and ordering information, regardless of how they access it.

Customers expect to be able to shop via their smart phones as they walk through a shopping mall. They’ll browse a retailer’s website and decide if they want to purchase it and have it sent to their home or if they want to walk to the end of the shopping mall and pick it up there. Retailers with both websites and stores, often give shoppers the option to ship it to their home or pick it up in store. They are often told it will be waiting for them in the store in an hour.

This means that the product information provided to the customer on the website and the employee in the store has to be the same. The product number and product name have to match exactly. It can be the difference between getting the right model headphones in the right color to getting the correct headphones in the wrong color. The customer will not be happy if they drove to the mall and found out that the wrong item is waiting for them.

Accurate Product Content Management systems also give senior managers the information they need to understand a company’s sales details. An automotive parts store will have a good idea of what parts are required by zip code around the country. A clothing department store will know if women in New England and the southwest are buying the same colors. This help stores manage their supply chains. They can watch what products are being produced and then ship them to the correct store depending upon regional sales trends.

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