Mar 1, 2014

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The Benefits Of Active Adult Communities In New Jersey

5118390_xlAs you get older, you may not be able to take care of your home and property as you once did. You also may need help with meals, taking your medication and doing every day tasks. While at an assisted living center, you can still live independently while getting help with some of the things you need. Below you’ll learn the benefits of active adult communities in New Jersey.

Q.) Will I have my own personal room and bathroom or do I have to share a room with someone else?

A.) You’ll have your own room, private bathroom and shower. You’ll also have your own kitchenette, refrigerator, television and thermostat that you control. You can bring your own furniture and other belongings you want from home. Each room is equipped with an emergency call system if you need help from the staff.

Q.) Am I responsible for cleaning my own room?

A.) The staff will take care of the housecleaning duties and wash your laundry. Someone will even make your bed for you every day.

Q.) I have a dog that I have owned for years, is he allowed to live with me?

A.) Yes, your pet can live with you in your apartment. Some of the rooms are pet friendly, so your pet is welcome to live with you in your new home.

Q.) Are there things I can do outside of my room while living at the center?

A.) You’ll never be bored while living at active adult communities in New Jersey. While living there, you can enjoy activities such as watching a movie in the theater, enjoying snacks in the kitchen, visiting the library or relaxing in the common living room.

Q.) How do I get to my doctor visits or to the shopping center?

A.) You never have to worry about making it to appointments or being able to go where you need to go. You can take advantage of the transportation services that the community offers. If you just want to get out for awhile, you can take part in the visits to attractions and other types of outings.

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