Oct 4, 2018

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The Benefits Of A Home Pizza Oven

The Benefits Of A Home Pizza Oven

Anybody can fire up a propane grill for a simple backyard barbeque featuring the same old burgers and dogs. It’s time to step up your backyard cooking game with a home pizza oven. But you don’t want any old outdoor oven. Take it up a notch with an imported, portable and beautiful backyard woodfire pizza oven. You’ll be crisping up the best pizza in the neighborhood in no time.

Wood Fire Gets Hot

Italian chefs turn to woodfire pizza ovens because of the intense heat. The interior of the oven can get up to 600 degrees which cooks your pizza in no time. It’s also pretty impressive to watch someone master the art of such a hot oven.

Seals In The Moisture

Like searing a steak, the extreme heat of a home woodfire pizza oven seals in the dough’s moisture while giving a nice crust to the outside. This gives your homemade pizza that satisfying crunch while keeping the dough on the inside light and airy. With a little practice, you’ll be able to make a crispy thin crust and then a light, fluffy and chewy pie.

Bold Flavors

A home pizza oven can give your pizza a unique and bold flavor. The wood fire seals in a smoky nuance that’s hard to beat. Just know that olive oil will burn off in the intense heat. Make sure to save your drizzle for after the pie comes out of the oven.

The intense heat of a home pizza oven can caramelize your toppings. You get that satisfying texture of crisped basil leaf, sausage or pepperoni. It’s a charring process that can’t be duplicated in a conventional oven. Check out our line of portable, beautiful and efficient woodfire pizza ovens for your backyard at fontanaforniusa.com.

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