Jun 9, 2017

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The Beauty of the Volvo XC90

The Beauty of the Volvo XC90

Driving a Volvo car is taking luxury and reliability on the road. The vehicle is a safe and sturdy built automobile while showcasing a decidedly Swedish style that is incomparable to what is seen on the road today. The Volvo XC90 SUV is popular SUV choice for Volvo drivers. Following is a list of the stylish features that the car offers and is available to you at your Volvo dealer near Palatine.

Driver and Passenger Safety

The Volvo XC90 is a Top Safety Pick for 2017. It boasts high ratings in crash safety and has an advanced front crash prevention system. This gives piece of mind to the driver and passengers that you are adequately protected driving on today’s roads.


The XC90 can seat up to seven passengers easily. With a roomy interior, all passengers experience a smooth and comfortable ride. Leg room is plenty in all rows, making it an excellent choice for long drives.

In addition to leg room, the cargo room is top of its class also. It is beautifully designed and offers plenty of storage space for a large family. There are many cargo configurations for the SUV as well, which allows you to be able to carry more than the usual vehicle of this caliber.

Luxurious Interior

The interior of the XC90 is like no other in its class. The detail work is gorgeous and uses materials such as sharp walnut wood for the trim and features an all leather interior. The ride is smooth and quiet and is a dream experience for both the driver and passenger.

On the Road

While driving on the road, the XC90 handles the road particularly well and leaves the driver feeling in control. The vehicle has excellent fuel economy and top-notch performance traits. Acceleration is backed by a standard 250 horsepower engine and provides effortless maneuvering while on the road.

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