Jun 16, 2015

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The Beauty Of Terrazzo Flooring

The Beauty Of Terrazzo Flooring

Although many people assume terrazzo flooring is a relatively new product, it has been around since the 15th century. It is was used in Venice and considered a luxury type of flooring, and some of the early buildings it was used in can still be seen today.

There are a great many floors today in office buildings, restaurants, and even residential homes which feature terrazzo flooring. With its beautiful colors and design options, it is no wonder this flooring is so popular.

The Options

The old style of terrazzo flooring made by the Venetians, and still used in some construction today, involves the embedding of the design element, often marble and granite, into thick cement forms. These cement terrazzo “tiles” can be two to three inches thick and are incredibly heavy, which often limited their use in homes and other types of buildings.

Today’s modern terrazzo flooring is made from a thin-set epoxy flooring. This is very thin and much lighter, making it a better choice for many flooring options. Many types of this material are only 1/4 to 5/8 in thickness. It is still beautifully polished and contains marble chips for a perfect look when compared to traditional cement terrazzo.

Since it is much easier to work with than traditional terrazzo you will find in on stairs, in high impact areas such as kitchens, and even in small spaces such as bathrooms.

Indoor and Outdoor

The use of the newer epoxy types of thin-set terrazzo flooring, just like traditional terrazzo, extends from the interior of the home to the exterior. This is a wonderful look to extend the flooring in the home to a patio or outdoor kitchen and living area.

However, it is also perfect for creating unique patterns within the flooring. The terrazzo flooring can form repeating patterns or one large central pattern, or even a random pattern or mosaic type of design. This makes it popular for patios, and outdoor spaces as it can incorporate elements of both the interior and exterior décor in a way that would be impossible with other types of materials.

With different combinations of color options used in the terrazzo flooring, there is no limit as to the options you have to consider. Although beautiful, the new types of terrazzo are highly stain resistant and also chemical resistant, adding durability to the beauty that most people don’t expect.

If you have always loved the look of terrazzo flooring but weren’t sure if it was right for your home or commercial building, look at our options and selections. To see more of what Dex-O-Tex has to offer visit us at www.dex-o-tex.com.

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