Nov 25, 2014

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The Basics on Auto Insurance in Babylon, NY

The Basics on Auto Insurance in Babylon, NY

If you live in the state of New York, it is a given that you need to have Auto Insurance because it is required by law. Many people think that auto insurance in Babylon NY, is going to be really expensive but, in reality, the rates can be quite reasonable, especially because you have the ability to choose your own policy. Keep reading to learn the basics on car insurance in the Babylon area.

The type of car insurance that the law requires is known as liability coverage. This type of insurance is primarily designed for the coverage of other people on the road. If you are the cause of any type of accident that leaves other people with injuries, or worse yet other people die in an accident that you caused, your liability coverage is the portion of your policy that will pay compensation to the injured people. It will also cover the costs to repair or replace the other party’s vehicle. Liability coverage won’t pay for you to get medical treatment if you get hurt in an accident, which is why you need other types of coverage if you want that protection.

Comprehensive auto insurance in Babylon NY, is something that most people decide to get even though it is not legally required. This kind of insurance helps you pay for those unexpected damages for your car that don’t happen while driving or on the road. For example, if a storm caused damage to your car or if a tree fell on your car, your comprehensive coverage would pay for the repair or replacement. This type of coverage also includes damage due to theft and vandalism.

Collision coverage is also optional, but it is a pretty important type of insurance if you want to have protection for yourself and your car. When you’re on the road and involved in an accident, especially if you are responsible or partially so, this is the insurance that will give you the funds needed to get repairs on your vehicle. Car repairs can be incredibly pricey today, so this is the type of coverage that you just don’t want to try to do without!
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